credibility-based logo design atlanta
credibility-based logo design atlanta

Project Description

"When we look at a well-known logo, what we perceive isn’t just a word or an image or an abstract form, but a world of associations that have accrued over time. As a result, people forget that a brand new logo seldom means a thing. It is an empty vessel awaiting the meaning that will be poured into it by history and experience. The best thing a designer can do is make that vessel the right shape for what it’s going to hold." – Michael Beirut

Often considered the heart of a brand, a good identity has to convey the essence of a product, service or organization—and successfully express its values. It has to be memorable, uncomplicated, and communicate character, as well as credibility.

Bill Haig, PhD and former design rep for Saul Bass, looks at logo design as credibility communication. According to Haig, credibility has two stems that always go together: expertise and trustworthiness. This means a brand must be believable at being able to do the work for which it claims to be an expert, with the logo as one of the first impressions of the brand and what the brand does.

The meaning and purpose of a logo and other visual elements of brand identity have evolved quite a bit over time. Websites and social media are now often the first (or only) interaction a consumer has with a brand in modern commerce. The brand recognition of any company depends a lot on the logo design, as Haig's thesis from Southern Cross University has shown that credibility-based logos are two to four times more effective in marketing communications and website success than those which lack this approach.

This type of thinking is at the foundation of my logo design and identity development, which you can find in the examples below.

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August 30, 2019