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Poetry In Motion

Poetry in Motion is a series of animated poetry excerpted from Sage Words and Sage Spirit, illustrated collections of poems by Jet Widick and Kimberly Taylor-Pestell. Poet and Author Jet Widick has always seen the world in rhythms and rhymes. What began as simple messages of appreciation, turned into poetic toasts at dinner parties and cheeky, end-of-year spoken word raps dedicated to elementary school teachers. As Jet reflected on this

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Atlanta Cleaning Source

Back in 2009, Atlanta Cleaning Source owner Jenn Roland dreamed of expanding her client base and transitioning to a brick-and-mortar business. She wanted to differentiate her business from other cleaning companies in town and create an identity that would effectively communicate her mission, values and unique philosophy, but was unsure of how to do that in a concise and tangible way. Her words to describe the characteristics that would define

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The Flight Deck

Core values cards originally designed as a promotional piece for use with the book Gluten Free Soul Pilot and presented at the 2019 Dent Conference. Drawing inspiration from vintage airline playing cards and Pan Am’s visual identity that today is synonymous with the jet age, I designed each suit in this standard, 54-card deck to represent one of the four fundamental forces of flight: Lift (knowledge), weight (strength), drag (wisdom),

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Management Mentor

Comprehensive brand identity for management coaching and development company Management Mentor whose mission is to accelerate professional development within the global management community. Management Mentor serves professional managers within the knowledge economy. It was conceived in 2016 by Amazon Senior Manager Sean Donahoe as a result from multiple conversations with employees, mentees, friends and family members who came to him hungry for direction and guidance due to his personal success

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Gluten Free Soul Pilot

Gluten Free Soul Pilot is the self-care book that I wish had existed throughout my 20’s during major life transitions, such as leaving the protected environment of school, starting a new career, and making important decisions that pave the way for the future. You don’t have to have a food-related allergy or illness for it to be relevant. I’m not gluten free, yet the book’s four principals of wellness—based off