flight deck personal core values cards exercise kristen alden

Project Description

Core values cards originally designed as a promotional piece for use with the book Gluten Free Soul Pilot and presented at the 2019 Dent Conference.

Drawing inspiration from vintage airline playing cards and Pan Am's visual identity that today is synonymous with the jet age, I designed each suit in this standard, 54-card deck to represent one of the four fundamental forces of flight: Lift (knowledge), weight (strength), drag (wisdom), and thrust (inspiration).

This was an incredibly fun project, as not only did I conceptualize and design the Flight Deck, but also played with the meaning of these core values to deconstruct each one down to a succinct definition—brief in form, yet comprehensive in scope.

The Flight Deck is a values exercise to help you discover your own personal core values to create lasting wellness habits in alignment with what is important to you. Use them to guide and lead you so when you need to choose or make decisions, you can easily do so by determining if the choice lines up with your true values.

...Or play poker. Each will require you to know the power of your hand so you know when to bet big.

flight deck personal core values cards exercise
flight deck persona core values cards exercise
poker size personal core values card deck
flight deck personal core values cards exercise

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Creative direction
Graphic design
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Lucky Aces

Project Date:

March 20, 2019